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Rhiannon said they were not antireligion, but that religious worship was a waste of time for atheists while reciting the Lord's Prayer was a waste of time for non-Christians.
Although Khrushchev himself was no fan of preservation (many churches were destroyed in his antireligion campaign), his fight against the Stalinist old guard opened a space in public discourse to advocate for the protection of national culture.
Meanwhile, huge posters calling the protests as antireligion were put up across the city by radical Hindu organisation Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Jan Jagran Samiti.
At the University of the Philippines, I have to keep reminding the faculty that as a government institution, we cannot favor one particular religion, but this does not mean that we should become antireligion, which would be another form of sectarianism.
According to the agreement, 'antistate, antireligion, sectarian or anti Ideology of Pakistan' slogans or speeches will not be permitted, while effigies or flags of any political or religious parties will not be allowed to be burnt.
Mrs G Reynolds, Shard End The atheist's protests IS there any chance you could give us all a rest from Eddie Sanders and his endless antireligion witterings?
Silverman the mathematician is not antireligion, and he isn't out to destroy faith.
So I always talked to them about that because, you know, they would hear again, psychology is antireligion and I'd say, "No, no.
it was largely due to his misrepresentation or reversal of the actual role of philosophy in relation to faith, as if it had offered an autonomous and even superior path to knowledge rather than faith and theology that the modernist attitude was able to create the myths of reason and science (with an addition of the procedure of experiment) presented as antireligion.
People got the image I was anti-Christ or antireligion," he said.
Recently on the Internet there was a brash advertisement for "Amazon's Unholy Trinity," a trio of antireligion books published in 2006 including The God Delusion by scientist and avowed atheist Richard Dawkins, Atheist Universe: Why God Didn't Have a Thing to Do With It by atheist author David Mills, and Letter to a Christian Nation by atheist author Sam Harris (who also wrote The End of Faith).