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n.1.One opposed to the payment of rent; esp. one of those who in 1840-47 resisted the collection of rents claimed by the patroons from the settlers on certain manorial lands in the State of New York.
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Although all the patroons in the region were the targets of the antirenters, the full force of the revolt was directed against the van Rensselaers, far and away the biggest landowners, whose estate covered three-quarters of a million acres, extending twenty-four miles along the Hudson and twenty-four miles inland on both sides of the river.
Reluctantly deciding to try military force, Governor Seward mounted another posse which included the uniformed corps with the aim of arresting some of the known leaders of the antirenters.
A refugee from England, as a result of his involvement in the Chartist Movement, he had a chequered career with the antirenters, many of whom wanted him to concentrate solely on their affairs.
A man of undoubted personal courage, who was particularly hated by the antirenters, he was attempting to round up cattle on a tenant's farm to pay rent arrears.
Although it was not clear whether Steele's death was premeditated, it aroused a veritable storm of protest among the population, including many who had previously supported the antirenters.
With the support of both main parties, the antirenters were able to secure the election of friendly Sheriffs and officials which frustrated the landlords' attempts to collect rents.