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Adj.1.antisemitic - relating to or characterized by anti-Semitismantisemitic - relating to or characterized by anti-Semitism; hating Jews
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Where the documentation allows for it, the authors cite examples of Jewish ballplayers who were victims of antisemitic slights.
Galambush's book is an informative and provocative exploration of the Jewishness of the writers of the Christian scripture and of the milieu of its derogatory antisemitic passages, which were misused by Christianity in the formation of orthodox practices and beliefs.
A woman who lied about being the victim of an antiSemitic attack was convicted yesterday of fabricating a story that stunned France.
AntiSemitic acts must be dealt with severely and the rights of our minorities must be safeguarded.
Kressel offers a number of astute observations regarding the apparent degree of antisemitic vitriol in certain parts of the world.
The attitudes of such liberais as Gustav Mevissen and Hermann Beckerath provoke Magnus to distinguish Rhenish liberalism sharply from Badenese liberalism, which harbored a number of antisemitic resentments.
Apparently assuming that readers will have total recall of The Myth of Ritual Murder (a dubious expectation, for part of his intended audience is non-specialists), Hsia alludes to numerous features of the antisemitic discourse without adequately explaining them.
That spiel almost always got him warm sympathy, antisemitic tirades, and a free lunch someplace along the Autobahn.
The link between scholarship and politics can be seen in the results of a representative survey conducted in 2009 which registered the change in the nature of antisemitic resentment.
The last month has produced a spike in recorded antisemitic incidents: in Scotland, more in one week alone than in the whole of last year.
But, as Wistrich is well aware, there are also profoundly important examples of leftist leaders, including orthodox Communists, who were not antisemitic.
A medievalist specializing in Scandinavia, Adams presents an annotated edition of one of the first books to be printed on a Danish press and probably the first antisemitic work in the Danish language.