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n.1.Opposition to vaccination.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The claim of an antivaccination group that vaccination can create ill health in dogs has been given far more media coverage than it merits, especially since it was based only on a review of one vet's records.
As Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned of the dangers of the "antivaccination myth", failure to keep up with the MMR jab has been raised as a concern.
If evidence forgets to teach trainees the social reality that dealing with patients involves not just manner and reputation-building but also the need to understand culture, politics, economics, norms and even history, including our own culture as a health profession, then medicine is no different from mainstream media: an unwitting victim of alternative facts, fake news and sensationalism made manifest by the antivaccination movement and influential quacks that people go to simply because they know something we don't - that medicine is not just a natural science, it is also sociological.
Antivaccination and vaccine hesitancy movements have eroded public confidence in vaccinations.
In addition, recent antivaccination sentiments have been documented in owners reluctant to vaccinate their dogs against diseases (18).
As of this week, Facebook is still running paid advertisements for a prominent antivaccination group, its main site and Instagram app still recommend additional antivaccine content to users who view similar material and the top three vaccine-related accounts recommended by Instagram are "vaccinetruth" "vaccinesuncovered" and "vaccines_revealed", which all advocate for the claim that vaccines are toxic.
| Life expectancy figures are down for both men and women; | There is a "significant difference in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between the most and least deprived areas in Wales"; | Fruit and vegetable consumption declining; | Those in the least deprived areas of Wales are more likely to meet the guidelines around physical activity than those in the most deprived (42%); | A warning about health threats facing Wales from the rise in antivaccination campaigns and antibiotic overuse.
It said that vaccination rates are plummeting, blaming inaccurate and misleading antivaccination messages on social media.
Inaccurate and misleading antivaccination messages on social media are thought to be one reason why inoculation rates are plummeting.
SOCIAL media companies could soon be forced to clamp down on false information spread by antivaccination groups on their sites.
In our data, users expressed arguments that platform operators were biased against a wide range of participants, including conservatives, Donald Trump supporters, "alt-right" figures, Gamergaters, Bernie Sanders supporters, antivaccination campaigners, vegans, and more.
FACEBOOK has said it is 'exploring additional measures' to address antivaccination posts, following concerns raised about the controversial subject appearing in groups and pages across the social network.