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n.1.Opposition to vaccination.
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Not unlike hydropathy and homeopathy, naturopathy drew from the ranks of German healers, philosophical idealists, spiritual and mental healers, vegetarians, botanics, antivaccination and antivivisectionists, and individualists who rejected authority, including licensing, in their endorsement of "every man his own physician.
Additionally, the authors of the articles that took antivaccination stances had no expertise in the area and cited no scholars that were credentialed in vaccinology.
American marketing students studying abroad (n=39) were recruited from the University of Lugano in Switzerland, and completed two experiments: in the first, students were randomized into 3 groups (group 1 searched for health information with Google; group 2 used a modified Google configured to provide better quality and trustworthy websites as determined by the Health on the Net code; and group 3 used Google configured to search for information from websites, blogs, and forums that discourage vaccination or were run by antivaccination activists).
Study after study has shown this but this hasn't stopped many antivaccination groups from still trying to create data that says otherwise.
Local web pages for antivaccination lobbying exist, created by those with financial interests in discrediting vaccines and who have largely taken their misinformation from web pages originating in the USA.
The antivaccination doctors and public are now being smeared as the "anti-vax" causers of the recent spate of measles and pertussis that are on the rise here in the US and abroad.
The ongoing outbreak "shines a glaring spotlight on our nation's growing antivaccination movement and the prevalence of vaccination-hesitant parents.
From the early 1900s, antivaccination lawsuits (including those against school districts) have been spectacularly unsuccessful.
Aside from the obvious example of climate skepticism, there's the antivaccination movement, which has led to outbreaks of measles and whooping cough.
I wonder what the antivaccination squad will do about this.