Antoninus Pius

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An·to·ni·nus Pi·us

 (ăn′tə-nī′nəs pī′əs) ad 86-161.
Emperor of Rome (138-161) who was the adopted son and successor of Hadrian.
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Antoninus Pius

(Biography) 86–161 ad, emperor of Rome (138–161); adopted son and successor of Hadrian
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Antoni′nus Pi′us

(ˈpaɪ əs)
A.D. 86–161, emperor of Rome 138–161.
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He became a Christian and wrote a defence of the Christians addressed to Antoninus Pius. (59) Zeus slew Asclepus (fr.
Then, Mr Wegg, in a dry unflinching way, entered on his task; going straight across country at everything that came before him; taking all the hard words, biographical and geographical; getting rather shaken by Hadrian, Trajan, and the Antonines; stumbling at Polybius (pronounced Polly Beeious, and supposed by Mr Boffin to be a Roman virgin, and by Mrs Boffin to be responsible for that necessity of dropping it); heavily unseated by Titus Antoninus Pius; up again and galloping smoothly with Augustus; finally, getting over the ground well with Commodus: who, under the appellation of Commodious, was held by Mr Boffin to have been quite unworthy of his English origin, and 'not to have acted up to his name' in his government of the Roman people.
"One side has the face of Antoninus Pius but the other side is very abrasive.
STONED The Acropolis towers above Athens, far left, Emperor Antoninus Pius, centre, Mind the Cup
The silver denarii all date from the second century AD, and include issues of Emperors Hadrian (AD 117-38), Antoninus Pius (AD 138-61) and his wife Diva Faustina, and possibly Trajan (AD 98-117).
According to a private news channel , the Antiquities Ministry said on Thursday that the temple, which dates back to the reign of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, was found near the Siwa Oasis in the western desert.
Remains of a temple that dates back to the Greco-Roman period during the era of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius unearthed in Siwa Oasis - Ministry of Antiquities' official Facebook page CAIRO -- 11 May 2018: The Ministry of Antiquities announced Thursday that it had managed to unveil remains of a temple that dates back to the Greco-Roman period during the era of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.
The temple dates back to the second century AD, judging by the names found of different Roman emperors including Domitian (81-96 AD), Hadrian (117-138 AD) and Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD).
| WHEN did Marcus Aurelius succeed Antoninus Pius as Roman emperor?
Die Kurve der Bauaktivitaten ist unter Antoninus Pius besonders steil nach oben gegangen (pp.
Comparative isotopic studies pit the battle around 140AD, around when Roman emperor Antoninus Pius took control of Rome and wanted to make a name for himself.
Highlights include a 1707 view of the Colosseum by Gaspar van Wittel at Robilant + Voena; a marble head depicting Emperor Antoninus Pius at Antichita Valerio Turchi; and a 15th-century panel depicting the Madonna and Child by Francesco d'Antonio at Moretti Fine Art.