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 (gou′dē, gou-dē′), Antoni or Antonio 1852-1926.
Spanish architect who developed a startling new style that paralleled developments in art nouveau. His most celebrated work is the unfinished Sagrada Familia (the Church of the Holy Family) in Barcelona.
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Don Quixote's host was one Don Antonio Moreno by name, a gentleman of wealth and intelligence, and very fond of diverting himself in any fair and good-natured way; and having Don Quixote in his house he set about devising modes of making him exhibit his mad points in some harmless fashion; for jests that give pain are no jests, and no sport is worth anything if it hurts another.
"What!" said Don Antonio, "has Sancho been a governor?"
On the cloth being removed Don Antonio, taking Don Quixote by the hand, passed with him into a distant room in which there was nothing in the way of furniture except a table, apparently of jasper, resting on a pedestal of the same, upon which was set up, after the fashion of the busts of the Roman emperors, a head which seemed to be of bronze.
The merchant of Venice was a rich young man called Antonio. When the story opens he had ventured all his money in trading expeditions to the East and other lands.
Yet if he wait two months until Antonio's ships return it may be too late, and Portia may be married to another.
And Shylock especially hated Antonio, because not only did he rail against Jews and insult them, but he also lent money without demanding interest, thereby spoiling Shylock's trade.
And it may flatter you to know, Mastro Antonio, that I have come to you to beg for a favor."
When the fight was over, Mastro Antonio had Geppetto's yellow wig in his hands and Geppetto found the carpenter's curly wig in his mouth.
Accordingly, in her letters, Julia did not avoid the name of Antonio. She mentioned it often, but with womanly delicacy, if not with discretion.
Antonio has been here again, and he solicited an audience with me in private--of course I granted it, for friendship hallows all that is done under its mantle.
"Andalusian AND Oregonian, Antonio! Put it that way, and you have my vote.
Antonio, how long have you been out here in the Plains and the Rockies?"