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 (kăn′ə-lĕt′ō) Originally Giovanni Antonio Canal. 1697-1768.
Italian painter noted for his detailed and precisely proportioned views of Venice.


(Italian kanaˈlɛtto)
(Biography) original name Giovanni Antonio Canale. 1697–1768, Italian painter and etcher, noted particularly for his highly detailed paintings of cities, esp Venice, which are marked by strong contrasts of light and shade


(ˌkæn lˈɛt oʊ)

Antonio, (Canale), 1697–1768, Italian painter.
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The oil on canvas will complement and enhance other Venetian works by artists in the museum's collection such as Antonio Canaletto, Monet, Whistler, Eugne Boudin, Frank Brangwyn and the recently acquired works, View of the Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore on the Grand Canal, Venice by Francesco Guardi and Venice, Evening by Howard Hodgkin.
The works - by famous 18th-century artist Antonio Canaletto - were all set to leave Britain last September after an anonymous private collector decided to sell them to an overseas collector.
Two Antonio Canaletto paintings destined to leave Britain have been saved for the nation by a Warwickshire attraction, it was revealed last night.
Smaller pictures, such as that of the Grand Canal (National Gallery, London), show Bellotto's debt to his maternal uncle, Giovanni Antonio Canaletto, although even by the view of the Rio dei Mediacanti (Galleria dell' Accademia, Venice) his distinct style is apparent.