Antonio Lucio Vivaldi

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Noun1.Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Italian baroque composer and violinist (1675-1741)Antonio Lucio Vivaldi - Italian baroque composer and violinist (1675-1741)
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| 1678: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, composer and violinist, best known for The Four Seasons (1725), was born in Venice.
William Turner or Antonio Lucio Vivaldi. "Training, Translation and Tourism in Venice," a two-week project of the EU Erasmus Intensive Programme that took place from 5th to 19th of July 2014 in Venice, was equally meant to spread and revise the cultural myth of this Venetian space.
Further refinements to the instrument made it particularly useful during the Baroque era that followed, when Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, and Georg Philipp Telemann featured the recorder in their works.