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20 Poupartia continued, a-f P chapelieri lateral, basal, and apical views, and transverse and sagittal sections (NY: Ravelonarivo & Rabcsonina 674; Antsiranana, Madagascar), g-k P.
The government facilitated and led workshops, funded by an international organization, to educate law enforcement and civil society in Antananarivo, Mahajanga, Sambava, Fianarantsoa, Antsiranana, and Toliara on the enforcement of the anti-trafficking laws and victim identification and referral.
(2) Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Antsiranana, Madagascar
All stations had positive anomalies, with the highest departure observed at Ambohitsilaozana (northeastern Madagascar; 1.8[degrees]C above average), except Antsiranana (northern Madagascar) station (0.1[degrees]C below; Fig.
All of the proposed power plants are outside the capital city of Antananarivo in Tsimiroro, Mahajanga, Nosy Boraha, Nosy Be, Antsiranana and Toamasina.
falciparum samples from Madagascar were collected during 2006-2007 as part of the antimalarial drug resistance network, from symptomatic patients before treatment in 19 health centers located in areas of Madagascar with different epidemiologic patterns of malaria transmission: northern (Antsiranana, Antsohihy, Andapa), western (Mahajunga, Miandrivazo, Maevatanana, Morondava, Tsiroanomandidy, Ampasimpotsy), central (Saharevo, Moramanga), southern (Ihosy, Ejeda, Tolagnaro, Iakora, Ranostara, Toliara), and eastern (Farafangana, Toamasina).
The group will afterwards move to Mombasa, Kenya, Antsiranana, Madagascar, Maputo, Mozambique, Durban, South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, Luanda, Angola, Pointe Noire, Congo, Lagos, Nigeria, Tema, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, Casablanca, Morocco, Algiers, Algeria and Taranto, Italy.
This is because Gan in that group, along with Antsiranana (Diego Suarez), Diego Garcia, Aldabra and Farquhar islands and le Desroches in the Seychelles, is one of the vital choke points in the Indian Ocean.
The new itineraries, which are now available for booking and featured on the line's website,, include 19 new ports of call in 10 countries and tailor-made opportunities for adventure and exploration at such distinctive destinations as Antsiranana, Madagascar; Walvis Bay, Namibia; Sarande, Albania; Husavik, Iceland; Dubai, UAE; and Cebu, Philippines.