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(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Andong



a seaport in SE Liaoning province, in NE China, at the mouth of the Yalu River. 537,745. Formerly, Antung.
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For example, a dao slab (or 'wing sword') is light and has a thin blade, while a dao kontuy antung ('eel-tailed sword') has a long hilt and a blade with sharper points.
Now Hindutva leaders have the reign in New Delhi can do Antung they like in the absence any support from intentional organizations or leaders.
38) Test flights in December preceded operational missions along the Yalu River the following month to image the airfield at Antung.
Dispatch to Hearst papers written in Antung, Manchuria, on May 1.
8) Davidson was appointed Agent at Tamsui (December 19, 1896); Consul for Formosa (June 2, 1898); Consul at Antung (January 22, 1904); Commercial Attache at Shanghai (May-Aug 1904); Consul at Nanking (August 1, 1904-Oct.
On 22 October 1952, he and Joe Logan, his wingman, were screening a group of fighter-bombers close to the Yalu River and ended up penetrating Chinese airspace all the way to Antung.
Namsi was a scant 30 miles east of Antung and its politically protected air bases in Manchuria.
The Jakarta Post report quoted Antung Deddy, head of the Center of Environmental Readiness and Emergency Action, as saying air pollution in the area has reached "a very dangerous level.