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 (ə-no͞o′bĭs, ə-nyo͞o′-)
n. Mythology
A jackal-headed Egyptian god, the son of Osiris. He conducted the dead to the underworld.

[Latin Anūbis, from Greek Anoubis, from Egyptian jnpw.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) Egyptian myth a deity, a son of Osiris, who conducted the dead to judgment. He is represented as having a jackal's head and was identified by the Greeks with Hermes


(əˈnu bɪs, əˈnyu-)

the jackal-headed Egyptian god who guided the dead to judgment.
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Noun1.Anubis - Egyptian god of tombs and ruler of the underworldAnubis - Egyptian god of tombs and ruler of the underworld; usually depicted as a man with the head of a jackal
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thou whose destiny will be marked in the cynegetic annals; thou whom the pagans would have given as companion to the god Anubis, and Christians as friend to St.
The stage will be designed by four statues of ancient Egyptian goddesses such as Anubis. Vitale is a rapper and an independent artist who produces, writes and distributes all his musical works.
(successor of Anubis OOD, Bulvest 2000 OOD), "Oxford University Press" and "Riva" AD since the award of the public procurement to another person is impossible due to the presence of author%s or other intellectual property rights, which limits delivery to a specific contractor.
For over two decades, Hafez experimented with manipulated images taken from popular culture superheroes like batman to represent contemporary visual practices in juxtaposition with ancient codes, symbols, and mythological deities like Anubis.
Viewing their presence at Beautyworld Middle East as a great opportunity to engage with key market figures was Josep Maria Sainz Valls, CEO of the Anubis Cosmetics Group: "Beautyworld Middle East is the must attend event for skincare manufacturers around the globe who desire to enhance their business relations with professionals from the Middle East, Asia and Europe.
"Anubis says to Osiris, 'Her heart is an accurate witness,' and Osiris replies, 'Give her her eyes and her mouth, since her heart is an accurate witness.'"
For single player, the "God Eater 3" demo offers three large Aragami to fight, namely the Barbarius, Havakiri and Anubis. All three enemies can be defeated with the provided God Arc weaponry and firearms available in the "God Eater 3" demo.
Jamie Lee Curtis in 1978 classic, Hallowe'en The ghost hunt, staged by Anubis paranormal investigators, takes place straight after the movie until midnight - with limited spaces available.
The 2017 work is being evaluated by the joint Barrick-ATAC exploration team to prioritize targets for drilling in 2018, which will mainly be focused along the 6-km-long Anubis Fault corridor.
SWIFT ANUBIS was mugged close home by Collswood Hawk last week having battled to the front, but John Mullins' dog is fancied to go one better in Yarmouth's A1 over 462m at 6.48, writes Jonathan Kay.
One family who hit the headlines after adopting an African wild cat - a serval named Anubis - have picked up 11,000 followers with snaps of the animal being fed mice and rabbits.