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 (ə-no͞o′bĭs, ə-nyo͞o′-)
n. Mythology
A jackal-headed Egyptian god, the son of Osiris. He conducted the dead to the underworld.

[Latin Anūbis, from Greek Anoubis, from Egyptian jnpw.]


(Other Non-Christian Religions) Egyptian myth a deity, a son of Osiris, who conducted the dead to judgment. He is represented as having a jackal's head and was identified by the Greeks with Hermes


(əˈnu bɪs, əˈnyu-)

the jackal-headed Egyptian god who guided the dead to judgment.
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Noun1.Anubis - Egyptian god of tombs and ruler of the underworldAnubis - Egyptian god of tombs and ruler of the underworld; usually depicted as a man with the head of a jackal
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