Barbary sheep

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Barbary sheep

See aoudad.


(ˈɑ ʊˌdæd)

a wild sheep, Ammotragus lervia, of N Africa, having a long fringe of hair on the throat, chest, and forelegs. Also called Barbary sheep.
[1860–65; < French < Berber]
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Noun1.Barbary sheep - wild sheep of northern AfricaBarbary sheep - wild sheep of northern Africa  
wild sheep - undomesticated sheep
Ammotragus, genus Ammotragus - genus of wild sheep
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I also was able to travel and harvest three black bears, five bull elk (three with a bow, two more with a rifle), an Alaska-Yukon moose, a Dall sheep and an aoudad sheep. Meanwhile, I looked forward to eventually taking a world-class whitetail to go with my other trophies.
Before stepping in the field to hunt an aoudad sheep, I felt confident in what this rifle, optic and ammo could do; now the weakest link just had to do his part.
There are some species of exotics which can be hunted in the off-season, such as blackbuck antelope, axis deer and aoudad sheep for example.