a.1.Paid; pleased.
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Paradoxically, even as he solicits a palinode to the Letter, in which, he claims, Hoccleve has of women "so largeliche said / That they been swart wrooth and ful euele apaid" (755-56), the Friend nevertheless revives its blend of irony and literary allusion.
He was, in fact, a supporter of Aristide's Lavalas party and protested the exploitation of the Haitian poor by men like Andy Apaid (35) and Reginald Boulos, (36) members of the Group of 184 who were very vocal detractors of Aristide.
Now, there are three different expert witness research reports are available on Courtroom Insight namely A Preliminary Screening Report; A paid Expert Challenge Study; Apaid Expert Witness Profile.
The company, owned by the powerful Apaid family, produces almost exclusively for Montreal-based Gildan Activewear Inc.
What's more, the most outstanding contestant in the second phase will have the chance to secure apaid employment contract in Quam for 3 months.
Interamerican, owned by Haiti's Apaid family, occupies one of 49 buildings arrayed in an industrial park off the road to Port-au-Prince from the city's Toussaint L'Ouverture airport.
El empresario estadounidense Andy Apaid Jr., ferviente partidario de la salida de Aristide, es el principal lider del grupo, y una de las caras mas visibles de la oposicion.
Quotations are translated (not entirely accurately: Way means 'alas', not 'gone away', vuele apaid 'severely displeased' not 'unjustly repaid' (p.
-Paid off pounds 100,000 in mortgages on his building society office, his home in Swansea and another house owned by his son.PRICE'S SPENDING-pounds 34,000 on a Mercedes CLK (above) and pounds 37,000 on a Mercedes ML 270-Had pounds 65,000 in three internet betting accounts withBetfred and Betfair aPaid pounds 100,000into his wife's bank account last July.
The report described Haiti's pro-coup Group of 184 as "grassroots" and a "promising civil society movement." The group says this even though the Group of 184 is funded by the International Republican Institute and is headed by the country's leading sweatshop owner, Andy Apaid. Apaid has been active in right-wing Haitian politics for many years, and, like G-184 spokesperson Charles Henry Baker himself, is white.
Pro-Aristide militants are at odds with a group named after one of the slum's neighborhoods, the Boston gang, which is reportedly receiving funds and arms from Andy Apaid, a Haitian industrialist and politico.
Among them, according to Kim Ives, a journalist with the newspaper Haiti Progres, was Andre Apaid, a conservative Haitian politician who had backed a previous anti-Aristide coup in 1991.