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v. t. & i.1.To impair or become impaired; to injure.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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We've also spied apair of classic chunky Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglassesin the sale for [pounds sterling]107 that will cost [pounds sterling]90.95 with the additional discount.
She teamed it with a Lock & Co hat, Princess Diana's pearl earrings apair of Prada cut-away courts.
APAIR of peregrine falcons have successfully produced three chicks on the Eaton Estate after making their home in a specially installed nesting box in a clock tower.
HOLLY MARWICK AGE: 22 LOCATION: CITY CENTRE JOB: SUPPORT WORKER FAVOURITE SHOPS: TOPSHOP, RIVER ISLAND, NEW LOOK STYLE HOLLY was spotted wearing eye-catching polka dot tousers, which she paired with a black top, grey cardigan apair of comfy Converse shoes.
APAIR of Newcastle entrepreneurs have created a discount app promising shoppers they will never pay full price again.
Apair of documentaries on at 9pm last night may have left you thinking about whether guns are a good thing.
And after hearing Lewis' tale they bought him apair of his favourite trainers - Nike 110s - to help him feel better.
Apair of experts in art and art fraud said forgeries and fakes have become more prevalent, keeping pace with the rise in value of artwork and collectibles.
APAIR of violent thugs have been jailed for using "grotesque" violence to target often lone female drivers in a spate of carjackings.
APAIR of cheerful, friendly women are weaving through the Everyman crowds, handing out party poppers to the audience in front of a friendly farmyard scene.
It comes just a month after someone stuck apair of red nipple tasselson the statue, which has stood inBroadgatesince it was unveiled in 1949.
APAIR of "miracle" babies who were given a 5% chance of survival when they were diagnosed with a rare condition while still in the womb are now celebrating starting school.