n.1.One who is destitute of feeling.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Apathist do not protest against bad government, high level of corruption, lawlessness flourishing in the country, which was assumed to result to imbalance of power, civil wars and resolution, development of the country becomes very slowly.
Being an apathist won't help, but fighting apathy will itself change the mood instead of abandoning and avoiding our duties.
"I had to half hang out of a window on the seventh floor of my office to shoot this," said photographer Jim McLeod (Baz_Baziah) FRONT PAGE PICTURE: Sun on the Mersey, by Glenn Humphreys TOP LEFT: A Maritime Mersey, by martin waters (thenorthshore) ABOVE: Storm Soaking, by Tim Edwards RIGHT: Canal link, by jimi001 BOTTOM RIGHT: A moody, foggy day at Albert Dock, by Ben Lavell (Fanatical Apathist) BELOW: Reflections in the Echo Arena Liverpool, by MartinWaters (thenorthshore) LEFT: Taken by Graham (Dune_UK) who recalls: "Part of the Transition ceremony for the Capital of Culture 2008 as 40,000 people crowded on to the Pier Head in Liverpool to watch the closing ceremony - 40,000 people who for one brief portion of time were 'One'.
The picture beat off competition from the likes of the Fanatical Apathist's action shot of BMX riders, at the Hub Festival youth festival, and scores of colourful compositions from the Brohaha, Samba Festival and the Emperor and the Tiger.
Best overall and best event - image of La Princess by The Northshore; Best landmark by photonutter; Tour of Britain final circuit, in Liverpool city centre by Mobilevirgin; Best black and white: Biker at Mann Island Ferry Terminal by Community Brother; Highly commended Landmark: Reflections of the Liver Building by jimps123; Best people: Crossroads by Something Wicked This Way Comes; Highly commended event: The Hub Festival by Fanatical Apathist
In real life I am not much a watcher of birds, but their presence and variety in this wilderness is so insistent that even an apathist cannot remain indifferent for long.
The best to date has come from Flickr member "Fanatical Apathist", who captured a BMX biker in mid-air for a rather dramatic shot.
'Fanatical Apathist' captured a BMX biker in mid-air for this dramatic shot; Barney F's shot from Hilbre Island; NorthShore's stunning sunset image
A bit farther up the river, and Fanatical Apathist has captured a building which wouldn't look out of place in midwest America.
But for Fanatical Apathist, it has made the subject of a great picture.
What follows is a genuine admission-an invitation, if you like, for other Grand National apathists to come out of the closet and confess they don't feel anything much for it either-and if you don't really fancy such heresy on another dark
No, not against the monarchists; Australia's apathists inevitably won after the third force blinked.