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Noun1.Apatura - large Old World butterfliesApatura - large Old World butterflies    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Nymphalidae, Nymphalidae - large beautifully colored butterflies
emperor butterfly, emperor - large richly colored butterfly
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SAILINGS Today: SKS Mersey, Tranmere; Apatura, Thames; Alcedo, Antwerp.
Considering the surface area, the diversity of insects of the park is remarkable; it is calculated at 8,500 species, among which, apart from the above-mentioned endemic species, are Coleopterae such as stag beetles (Lucanidae); ground beetles such as Calosoma; other Carabidae or rare species such as the pythid Pytho kolwensis or the buprestid Buprestis splendens; Hymenoptera such as bumble bees, common bees, and other social bees; and Lepidoptera such as Colias palena, Apatura iris, A.
Note that just as is the case for other groups that are monomorphic for both characters, the relationship among the four genera from Doxocopa to Apatura is not important for the analysis.
Apatura Dik, for example, could blow the field apart from the front, but he was pulling for his head in the early stages last time and I'm not sure he'll get home over this marathon trip.
Richard Mitchell may have been overshadowed by his son Nick starting his career with The Listener, but he showed he is still a master of his trade as he brought Apatura Dik back from a year off to land a gamble in the maiden chase.
However, it was at Folkestone that he first gave notice of his talent back in his bumper days, and the form of his third behind Big Fella Thanks was at least given a boost when the runner-up, Buck The Legend, and the fourth, Apatura Dik, both ran well in defeat recently.