a.1.Pertaining to Aphrodite or Venus. "Aphrodisian dames" [that is, courtesans].
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The authorship of the Quaestiones is disputed, but one may assume that the doctrines they transmit are not too far removed from the views of the Aphrodisian.
Tilg is particularly persuasive when he notes that both texts, alone among the extant novels, refer to the art of sculpture: this probably points to the author's Aphrodisian identity, since that city was famous for its marble statues.
In his 2005 Cytherica: Aesthetic-Political Essays in an Aphrodisian Key, he defined cytherics as the sighting and siting of aphrodisian--aesthetic-erotic--environments.
Many Melanesian and some native American societies were, in Marshall Sahlins' formulation, 'Aphrodisian' in their traditions of sexual generosity, including routinely offering sexual favours to guests, traders and diplomats.