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Noun1.Aphrophora - a genus of CercopidaeAphrophora - a genus of Cercopidae    
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
Cercopidae, family Cercopidae - froghoppers or spittlebugs
pine spittlebug - North American insect that attacks pines
Aphrophora saratogensis, Saratoga spittlebug - feeds on pines in northern United States
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This name appears in the zoological names Aphrophora spumaris and Aphrophora interrupta, which can be found in various illustrative quotations at the entries cuckoo-spit, frog, froth and hop in The Oxford English Dictionary.
Initial observations and identification of Pine spittlebug (Aphrophora parallela) in the field were followed by quantification of feeding scars to assess their impact.
rufocuprea Motschulsky Maladera japonica Motschulsky Heteroptera Alydae Leptocorisa chinensis Dallas Pentatomidae Carpocoris purpureipennis (De Geer) Rhopalidae Leptocoris augur (Fabricius) Homoptera Aphrophoridae Aphrophora ishidae Matsumura Cixiidae Reptalus quadricinctus Matsumura Membracidae Gargara genistae (Fabricius) Lepidoptera Geometridae Jodis angulata Inoue Lymantriidae Cifuna locuples confusa Bremer Noctuidae Agrotis segetum Denis et Schiffermuller Orthoptera Acrididae Locusta migratoria L.