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Noun1.Aphyllophorales - includes chiefly saprophytic fungi typically with shelflike bodiesAphyllophorales - includes chiefly saprophytic fungi typically with shelflike bodies; sometimes placed in class Hymenomycetes or included in Agaricales
fungus order - the order of fungi
Basidiomycota, Basidiomycotina, subdivision Basidiomycota, subdivision Basidiomycotina - comprises fungi bearing the spores on a basidium; includes Gasteromycetes (puffballs) and Tiliomycetes comprising the orders Ustilaginales (smuts) and Uredinales (rusts) and Hymenomycetes (mushrooms, toadstools, agarics and bracket fungi); in some classification systems considered a division of kingdom Fungi
family Polyporaceae, Polyporaceae - fungi that become corky or woody with age, often forming shelflike growths on trees
family Fistulinaceae, Fistulinaceae - a family of fungi closely related to the family Polyporaceae except that the tubes on the undersurface of the cap are separate from each other
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