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Of, relating to, or having the characteristics of bees.

[From Latin apis, bee.]


(Zoology) of, relating to, or resembling bees
[C19: from Latin apiānus, from apis bee]


(ˈeɪ pi ən)

of or pertaining to bees.
[1860–65; < Latin api(s) bee + -an1]
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Adj.1.apian - relating to or having the characteristics of beesapian - relating to or having the characteristics of bees
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Nurminen gives back-room boys like the brilliant German mathematician and astronomer Petrus Apianus and the cosmographer Gemma Frisius several pages of well-deserved acclaim for pioneering work that opened the way for the Flemish cobbler's son Gerard Mercator, who went on to 'invent' the atlas and to devise a world projection that is still in use today.
I enjoyed being able to compare a medieval cosmography showing a pair of angels rotating the machina mundl using hand-cranks with the complex armillary sphere some 200 pages later by Apianus.
En el mundo nautico ese libro desperto un interes semejante al que provocaron anos atras los de Peter Apianus (el cartografo, geografo y astronomo que escribio que la cola de los cometas apunta siempre en direccion contraria al sol), en cuyos planteamientos astronomicos se apoyaban los navegantes para sus cartografias y sus calculos de navegacion en viajes transoceanicos.
De la carta a Munzer solo conservamos la transcripcion que hicieron Apianus y Amantius en P.
According to cartographic historian Peter van der Krogt, De Orbis Situ was influenced by the works of Johann Schoner and Petrus Apianus, although Franciscus "seems to have been a scholar who thought for himself and critically studied the contributions of such diverse figures as Ptolemy, Marcus Beneventanus, Marco Polo, Jean de Mandeville, Odoric of Pordenone and Maximilianus Transsylvanus.
Ya para 1533, Petrus Apianus, en su Cosmographicus Liber afirma que la corografia es lo mismo que topografia; es decir, una suerte de vista de plano que estima las peculiaridades del terreno (Kagan 1999: 33-34).
La "geographia" incomincia a distinguersi dalla "chorographia" come il suo elemento piu generale, come si puo intuire da questa xilografia tratta dalla Cosmographia di Petrus Apianus.
It appeared at different places between China and America on printed maps like those of Conterini (1506), Waldseemuller (1507), Fries' Ptolemy (1522) and Apianus (1524).
In chapter 3 Thimann enlarges on some of the themes displayed in the drawings: Parnassus, its musical connections, and Ovid's vision of the world, brought up to date with the cartographic inspiration of another of Boissard's friends from Ingolstadt, Petrus Apianus.
Heading northeast, an otherwise unexplained scarp between the highland craters Apianus and Sacrobosco lies along a continuation of Procellarum.
La geographia commence a se distinguer de la chorographia, comme on peut le deduire de cette xylographie tiree de la Cosmographia de Petrus Apianus.
Cosi la "geographia" incomincia a distinguersi dalla "chorographia", come si puo intuire dalla xilografia della Cosmographia di Petrus Apianus.