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adv.1.In pieces or to pieces.
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Russia and Austria-Hungary have now about one hundred and twenty-five thousand telephones apiece.
Up the street apiece he broke silence and said impressively: "It was a lie--that is my opinion of it
So one morning they were given a quarter apiece and a roll with a sausage in it, and, with their minds top-heavy with good advice, were sent out to make their way to the city and learn to sell newspapers.
O'Reilly," said the duke, leading him into the chapel, "look at these diamond studs, and tell me what they are worth apiece.
It's not for me to boast of any family with which I have the honour to be connected; at the same time, Mrs Kenwigs's is--I should say,' said Mr Kenwigs, abruptly, and raising his voice as he spoke, 'that my children might come into a matter of a hundred pound apiece, perhaps.