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Noun1.Aplacophora - an order of Amphineura
animal order - the order of animals
Amphineura, subclass Amphineura - a class of Gastropoda
aplacophoran, solenogaster - deep-water wormlike mollusks lacking calcareous plates on the body but having fine slimy spicules on the covering mantle
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5: mollusca one: monoplacophora, aplacophora, polyplacophora and gastropoda.
Mollusca: Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Scaphopoda, Cephalopoda.
The cylindrical, vermiform, sclerite-covered Aplacophora has been a perplexing taxon of molluscs ever since the first two species, representatives of the only two clades, were discovered: Chaetoderma nitidulum Loven, 1844, Caudofoveata (=Chaetodermomorpha Pelseneer) and Neomenia carinata Tullberg, 1875, Solenogastres (=Neomeniomorpha Pelseneer).
Scheltema, A.H., Kerth, K., and Kuzirian, A.M., 2003, Original molluscan radula: Comparisons among Aplacophora, Polyplacophora, Gastropoda, and the Cambrian fossil Wiwaxia corrugata: Journal of Morphology, v.
At the bathyal level, the other dominant organisms are in the following order: amphipods, isopods, and tanaidacian crustaceans; in the abyssal plains, tanaidacians, bivalves, and isopods; in the oceanic trenches, bivalves, solenogastres (Aplacophora), acorn worms (Enteropneusta), bryozoans, tanaidacians, and spoon worms (Echiurida).
Outside the Bivalvia, calcified spikes are known to occur in the cuticles of Aplacophora and Polyplacophora.
Is the Aplacophora monophyletic: a cladistic point of view.