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Noun1.Aplodontia - type genus of the Aplodontiidae: comprising the mountain beaversAplodontia - type genus of the Aplodontiidae: comprising the mountain beavers
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Aplodontia rufa, mountain beaver, sewellel - bulky nocturnal burrowing rodent of uplands of the Pacific coast of North America; the most primitive living rodent
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vulgaris, utilizando como grupos externos aTamiasciurus hudsonicus grahamensis (Tribu Tamiasciurini), considerada como grupo cercano y emparentado con el genero Sciurus (Mercer & Roth 2003), y Aplodontia rufa, unico representante de la Familia Aplodontiidae, tambien considerado como grupo hermano de la Familia Sciuridae de acuerdo a Carleton y Musser (2005) (Cuadro 1).
Aplodontia today are uncommon in Sierra Nevada and SEKI, and significantly, are not near the cave today.
All of the mammals and most of the amphibians and reptiles from Test Pit A are thought to occur today within the hunting distance of a ringtail except for Aplodontia, Aneides, and Plethodon.