Apocalyptic number

the number 666, mentioned in Rev. xiii. 18., in which it is described as the number of the "beast of the earth". It has been variously interpreted. Some fundamentalist Christians consider it to be the number of the Devil, and avoid or fear objects containing that number.
- Rev. xiii. 18.

See also: Apocalyptic

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Seven is the apocalyptic number of churches, lamps, stars, holy spirits, seals, trumpets, and plagues, among many other items in the Book of Revelation that ensure a completeness to the finality of the old creation and its passage into the new one.
That apocalyptic number - pitched at a horrifying 36,000 by the RCN - would be difficult even for one of the world's largest employers to achieve without a great sacrifice of services.
Because Revelation includes mention of seven churches, seven angels, seven seals, and seven trumpets, seven became a popular apocalyptic number. (30) The doctrine of the seven seals, for Shakespeare's contemporaries, plausibly dovetailed with the notion of seven historical epochs of apocalyptic time, with each age breaking one of the seals.
Increasingly apocalyptic numbers sung by the Cat, a female rock singer, accompanied by rock band punctuate the exhortations.