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Singular of Apocrypha.

[Greek apokruphon, neuter singular of apokruphos, hidden, unknown; see Apocrypha.]
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n, pl -pha (-fə)
something that is regarded as probably untrue
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The two are known as Daveithai and Eleleth in the Sethian creation myth (Apocryphon of John); see, e.g., King 2006: 87.
Whether we look to the depictions of martyrdom in the Gospel of Philip, the two Apocalypses of James, the Apocalypse of Peter, or the Apocryphon of John, we never find, for instance, the enlightened figure rising up against the worldly powers and successfully resisting martyrdom.
Their topics include missing and misplaced: omission and transposition in the Book of Jubilees, the quantification of religious obligation in Second Temple Judaism and beyond, "wisdom motifs" in the compositional strategy of the Genesis Apocryphon (1Q20) and other Aramaic texts from Qumran, harmonizing and rewriting Daniel 6 from the Bible to Qumran, and Deuteronomy in the Temple Scroll and its use in the textual criticism of Deuteronomy.
Towards the end of the nineteenth century, a fifth century papyrus codex was resurrected in Egypt and found to contain four ancient works written in a Coptic dialect--the Apocryphon of John, the Sophia of Jesus Christ, a summary of the Acts of Peter and a document which became known as the Gospel of Mary.
think of "Freud" as an apocryphon, a form of Jewish and early
According to the Apocryphon of John, a Gnostic manuscript in Coptic found at Nag Hammadi in Egypt, the Unknown God, an androgynous Being, brings forth a spiritual world of Aeons, the last of which, Sophia, falls through lust out of the Divine Presence.
Examples of the latter include "The Qumran Manuscripts: Contents and Significance"; "The Vocabulary of the Qumran Sectarian Texts"; "Sectarian and Nonsectarian Texts from Qumran: The Pertinence and Use of a Taxonomy"; "Between Sectarian and Nonsectarian: The Case of the Apocryphon of Joshua"; "Between Qumran Sectarian and Qumran Nonsectarian Texts: The Case of Belial and Mastema"; and "Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha at Qumran."
Michiela, The Dead Sea Genesis Apocryphon (Leiden: Brill, 2009) pp.
Martin's Nova Mob-Sammy the Butcher, Hamburger Mary, Izzy the Push and all the rest--are the Gnostic archons, portrayed in The Apocryphon of John, also part of The Nag Hammadi Library, as seducing man through the creation of sexual desire, and through many other forms of what is called "counterfeit spirit" (119).
Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem on the life and the passion of Christ; a Coptic apocryphon.
Its title comes from the Apocryphon of John, a second century Gnostic gospel, where the "luminous Epinoia" is a heterodox version of Eve, a physical extension of Adam and a helper who will restore to him the full, creative vision of religious experience.
The book also contributes to scholarship on the particular early Christian texts that are at the heart of this work: namely, Hebrews, the Epistle to Diognetus, the Shepherd of Hermas, and the Apocryphon of James.