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Noun1.Apogon - type genus of the ApogonidaeApogon - type genus of the Apogonidae  
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Apogonidae, family Apogonidae - bright-colored marine fishes that incubate eggs in the mouth
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A review of the species in the Apogon fasciatus group with a description of a new species of cardinalfish from the Indo-West Pacific (Perciformes: Apogonidae).
New island records of six tropical species Azurina hirundo, Apogon guadalupensis, Scorpaenodes xyris, Chaenopsis alepidota, Chaetodon falcifer, and Chilomycterus reticulatus) from the northern Channel Islands extend the northern range of these species.
Malay Name Probable Latin Name Bilis Clupeichthys bleekeri Lais [various kinds] * Lais Pelteobagrus cf ornatus * Lais butu Ompok hypophthalmus * Lais Kryptopterus apogon jungang * Lais p ?
At least two other species found at Nusa Penida also have Japanese distributions including Apogon schlegeli Bleeker, 1854, and labrid Bodianus masudai Araga & Yoshino, 1975.
93 Undetermined -- -- -- Apogonidae Apogon pseudomaculatus -- -- -- Apogon spp.
langei - Crossocheilus nigriloba Crossocheilus oblongus Bantak batu, Seluang batu, Lukas Cyclocheilichthys apogon Emperas, Engkaras, Mata merah Cyclocheilichthys armatus Buin, Engkaras, Kempras Cyclocheilichthys heteronema Paku Cyclocheilichthys janthochir Jajau, Majau Cyclocheilichthys repasson Buin, Buing Eirmotus octozona Berbaju, Bangah, Tebalang Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus Seluang Hantu, Seluang Batu, S.
0 0 Antennariidae Histrio histrio 5 1 All others 7 0 Apogonidae Apogon maculatus 302 26 Apogon quadrisquamatus 207 1 Astrapogon puncticulatus 114 5 Aulostomidae Aulostomus maculatus 0 0 Labrisomidae Starksia spp.
Six species (Centropristis striata, Apogon pseudomaculatus, Haemulon aurolineatum, Stenotomus sp.
drum 8 Apogon retrosella barspot cardinalfish 5 Dosidicus gigas squid 8 Merluccius productus Pacific whiting 1 Fish species no.
Age structure, growth rates, movement patterns and feeding in an estuarine population of the cardinalfish Apogon rueppellii.
Furthermore, Apogon pillionatus, Liopropoma carmabi, and Centropyge argi generally are most common in deep reefs and may appear rare in REEF surveys that are usually not undertaken deeper than 30 meters (Humann & Deloach 2002, REEF 2004).
Certain catfish are processed as smoked fish, and these are mainly Kryptopterus apogon, known locally as lair bemban.