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 (ə-pŏl′ə-nâr′), Guillaume Originally Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzky. 1880-1918.
Italian-born French poet and leading figure in avant-garde literary and artistic circles.


(French apɔlinɛr)
(Biography) Guillaume (ɡijom), real name Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzki. 1880–1918, French poet, novelist, and dramatist, regarded as a precursor of surrealism; author of Alcoöls (1913) and Calligrammes (1918)


(əˌpɒl əˈnɛər)

Guil•laume (giˈyoʊm) (Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzky), 1880–1918, French poet.
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Noun1.Apollinaire - French poet; precursor of surrealism (1880-1918)
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Owner Apollo Apollinaire said: "It is now fully refurbished and has a really lovely atmosphere.
She was romantically engaged with poet Guillaume Apollinaire and Laurencin is often revered as his muse, while Apollinaire inspired many of Laurencin's works as well.
Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzki, known by the pseudonym Guillaume Apollinaire (1880 1918), was among the foremost French poets of the early twentieth century.
WHEN THE POET GUILLAUME APOLLINAIRE ENLISTED IN the French artillery in December of 1914, his friends received the news with deep dismay.
The first disc presents his oldest (1971) cycle of mixed choruses a capella, Hommage a Apollinaire, revealing the composer's affection for chanson, as well as Apollinaire's Renaissance inspiration.
We didn't know much, aside from a few cliches about famous people: Max Jacob, [Guillaume] Apollinaire, [Henri] Matisse, [Georges] Braque, Gertrude Stein, Picasso .
The trial folows the publication of Les Exploits d'un Jeune Don Juan (The Exploits of a Young Don Juan) written by Guillaume Apollinaire over 100 years ago, which chronicles the sexual awakening of 15 year old Roger.
Cristina Viti has also translated works by Apollinaire.
Late in life he suggested that his tombstone should state, as his finest claim to fame: "Here lies Francis Poulenc, the musician of Apollinaire and Eluard.
Over the years she has regularly acted, and now she's in a fresh revival of Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" at Chelsea's Apollinaire Theatre as well as in her own one-woman show, "Madame Secretary Frances Perkins.
UNLIKE CERTAIN 19th-century poets of difficult character or seemingly foredoomed, whom Paul Verlaine called maudits (accursed)--Rimbaud, Gerard de Nerval, Corbiere, Verlaine himself--Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) was a pleasant, cheerful fellow.