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Noun1.Apollo asteroid - an asteroid whose orbit crosses the Earth's orbitApollo asteroid - an asteroid whose orbit crosses the Earth's orbit
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Its objective is to collect a sample of at least 60 grams (and as much as 2 kg) of the Earth-crossing Apollo asteroid 101955 Bennu and bring the sample back to Earth in 2023 for study.
It appears to have been a relatively ordinary Apollo asteroid having a perihelion distance of 0.
Then there's the strange case of an Apollo asteroid known as 1979 VA.
Hayabusa 2's target asteroid, 1999 JU3, is an Apollo asteroid roughly 900 meters (3,000 feet) in diameter with a period of 7V2 hours.
Gaffey's team conjectures that the Apollo asteroid represents a chip off an old rock, a runaway fragment of a larger resident of the Hungaria region.
The following year he bagged two more Earth-crossers - 1998 FG2, an Apollo asteroid found on March 21st, and 1998 HE3, another Aten, discovered a month later.
Yeomans used the example of Apollo asteroid 1997 BR, whose orbit they adjusted in their models so that it would collide with the Earth in 2051.
Because the object comes within Earth's orbit, it is classified as an Apollo asteroid.
In other words, while 1986 TO remains an Apollo asteroid, it is no longer an Aten
An opportunity provided by the Apollo asteroid Geographos seemed just the ticket, as its close approach to Earth in August 1994 would make communication with ground stations easy during and after encounter.
The results suggest the meteor belongs to a well known family of space rocks - known as the Apollo asteroids - that cross Earth's orbit.
Fortunately, when I became editor of TA in 1975, this coincided with Brian starting to contribute articles and photographs in virtually every month's issue of the magazine and it soon became apparent that in addition to his experience as a telescope maker, he was keen to help with confirming new discoveries and following up unusual objects such as Apollo asteroids and comets.