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 (ăp′ə-lā′chə, -shə, -lăch′ə)
A region of the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. It is home to many rural communities.


(Placename) a highland region of the eastern US, containing the Appalachian Mountains, extending from Pennsylvania to Alabama


(ˌæp əˈleɪ tʃi ə, -tʃə, -ˈlætʃ i ə, -ˈlætʃ ə)

a region in the E United States, in the area of the S Appalachian Mountains, usu. including NE Alabama, NW Georgia, NW South Carolina, E Tennessee, W Virginia, E Kentucky, West Virginia, and SW Pennsylvania.
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Noun1.Appalachia - an impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to North Carolina)Appalachia - an impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to North Carolina)
Appalachian Mountains, Appalachians - a mountain range in the eastern United States extending from Quebec to the Gulf of Mexico; a historic barrier to early westward expansion of the United States
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Sees Appalachian Basin net production of 671 to 698 Bcfe, an 18% increase over 2017, including a 30% increase in Southwest Appalachia; NGLs and condensate production increase to approximately 130 Bcfe, an increase of 31% compared to 2017; expects Northeast Appalachia to generate positive cash flow from operations, net of capital for the first time, delivering approximately $150M; total Company and Northeast Appalachia gas differentials expected to improve by approximately 10c per Mcf and 25c per Mcf, respectively; and hedge protection on approximately 69% of projected 2018 natural gas volumes at an average swap or purchased put strike price of $2.
DISPARITIES in life expectancy and infant mortality between people living in Appalachia and the rest of the U.
Donald Trump late last week instructed the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to cease all work on studying of public health effects of mountaintop removal coal mining - threatening the lives of thousands of people living near mine sites in Appalachia and across the country.
Colleges eligible for membership in the Community Colleges of Appalachia are those public institutions that primarily offer a two-year associate's degree or diploma and are located within the Appalachian region as defined by the Appalachian Regional Commission.
9 million, with Central Appalachia (CAPP) accounting for $148.
Carbon Appalachia was formed by Carbon and two institutional investors to acquire producing assets in Southern Appalachia and has an initial equity commitment of USD 100m.
com)-- The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE), the nation's leading organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship through community colleges, and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) will co-sponsor a regional summit for high school and college educators and community leaders in Appalachia who are interested in expanding entrepreneurship curriculum in the region.
The editors have organized the fifteen contributions that make up the main body of the text in three parts devoted to identity and women of the mountain South, women and work in Appalachia, and women and activism in the mountain South.
A FEW YEARS AGO a friend emailed me the music video for Sunu by Rising Appalachia.
The Appalachia Basin may be the fastest growing natural gas-producing area in the country, but it is doubtful it will overtake Henry Hub as the national pricing point, said Patrick Rau, NGI's director of strategy and research.
LUNENBURG -- The third-graders at Lunenburg Primary School recently learned more than where Appalachia is located: They learned that it is a cultural region with tight-knit families, not many employment opportunities and poverty.
Writing in an accessible style with a dose of humor, author Ferrence, a self-described "Pennsylvania Dutch redneck from Appalachia with a doctorate," traces redneck roots in geography and examines the icon of the redneck in the context of literary and cultural studies.