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A breed of saddle horse developed in northwest North America by the Nez Perce, characteristically having a spotted coat.

[Perhaps after the Palouse River of the region where the breed was developed (perhaps influenced by United States regional appaloosa, flathead catfish, a mottled species of catfish, probably from Choctaw apolusa, daubed).]


(Breeds) a breed of horse, originally from America, typically having a spotted rump
[C19: perhaps from Palouse, river in Idaho]


(ˌæp əˈlu sə)

n., pl. -sas.
one of a hardy breed of riding horses, developed in the North American West, having a mottled coat and vertically striped hoofs.
[1920–25, Amer.; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.Appaloosa - a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rumpAppaloosa - a hardy breed of saddle horse developed in western North America and characteristically having a spotted rump
mount, riding horse, saddle horse - a lightweight horse kept for riding only
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