Apparent time

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the time of day reckoned by the sun, or so that 12 o'clock at the place is the instant of the transit of the sun's center over the meridian.

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At our most recent meeting it became apparent time could be getting short for him as his health deteriorated.
As he prepares for his coaching rematch with All Blacks boss Steve Hansen at the Principality Stadium, it is apparent time has proved a healer.
Thus we see that apparent time dilation and space contraction are perfectly valid physical results of Special Relativity, and there is nothing anomalous about them.
Years ago, when and if time was running out for adjournment, certain leaders would actually change the apparent time in order to give them extra minutes of deliberation.
Add in the artist's apparent time travel and her boyfriend's bizarre conspiracy theories, and the result is a twisty, satisfying story about truth and madness.
A comparison of the language use of the same informants in two different periods allows us to determine whether the hypothesis of a possible language change in apparent time has actually occured in real time, or not.
The main strength of this volume could have been the proposal phrased in the introduction (chapter 1) of an analysis in real time (that is, counting on the recent data included in the book (real time data) and similar evidence collected 10-15 years before in apparent time (apparent time data) of the three language varieties involved in Gibraltar: the varieties of the English and the Spanish spoken in the colony and the mixed variety known as Yanito, thoroughly described in the literature (Moyer 1993; Levey 2006); however, this anticipation is not pursued in the following chapters and the book is reduced to a partial description of language choice and language contact in two very specific segments of the population: adolescents and pre-adolescents.
Twelve months on, it is still functioning with 198 inmates and there remains no apparent time for its closing.
Given the apparent time frame (for example, the product is sufficiently longstanding to have become the company's best-seller) it may be that even if the former partner has some personal rights to the patent, hemight be considered to have provided his acquiescence to the company operating under the umbrella affordedbythepatent.Hence,acourtmay findthat theformerpartnerhadat least impliedalicencetothecompany, therebyenablingthecompanytoescape a future claim for patent infringement.
An apparent time research on the abandonment of this tradition shows that education background is related to this variation.
But at several points in the nine-minute-and-forty-four-second Lock, the images fade to black, then reappear, shortening the apparent time it takes for a ship to traverse the system.
Filion is now able to transfer light pulses through to an object approximately 30 feet away without any apparent time lapse.