Appelate court

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a court having cognizance of appeals.

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Veselin Pengezov, Chair of the Sofia Appelate Court, has been summoned by Sofia Military District Prosecutor's Office to de indicted over misuse of European funds.
The Appelate Court reduced his jail term to six months and fine to Dh6,000.
I think the Comcast decision continues to develop and be interpreted, and my hunch is that at some point another appelate court is going to have to have some say on it," explains Sascha Henry, a partner with Sheppard Mullin Richter and Hampton LLP.
The decision is significant for two reasons: this is the first time an appelate court has ruled on the law, and the decision also marked the first time that a judge appointed by a Republican president voted to uphold the law.
From an opinion of the California Appelate Court in the case of: Gotsch v.
The source pointed out "the judge was heading to work at Diala Appelate Court when his car was stopped by an armed group driving Opel Cars, forcing the judge to get on board with them".
Answer--Under current federal law, only a fractionalized investment in a life settlement policy is a security in the form of an "investment contract" under the holding of the Eleventh Circuit Appelate Court Mutual Benefits case; although the Life Partners case (in which the court held that a fractionalized life settlement policy invetsment was not a security), remains good law in the District of Columbia federal circuit.
After a lower court ruled that the Langlois was a museum like any other, the Appelate Court reversed that decision.
But Boston lawyer Ken Parsigian is hoping the Ohio intermediary appelate court will reconsider.
But a ruling from the BC appelate court or federal Supreme Court is likely to be several years away.
The extensive placement-bias litigation, from the early consent decrees in the early 1970s to the court opinions and Appelate Court reviews in the late 1970s and 1980s, involved critical implicit assumptions and underlying issues.