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Noun1.Larvacea - small free-swimming tunicates; sometimes classified as an order
larvacean - any member of the class Larvacea
genus Appendicularia - a genus of chordates in the class Larvacea
class - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders
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The remaining 5% of the zooplankton community was composed of cladocerans, ostracods, doliolids, polychaete larvae, medusae, fish eggs, ctenophores, salps, cephalopod paralarvae, bivalves, isopods, appendicularians, pyrosomes, mysiids, heteropods and echinoderms larvae, stomatopods and cirripeds.
Between the zooplankton groups, the appendicularians showed an association with high values of precipitation, salinity and temperature.
Evidence from 18S rDNA shows that the stolidobranch tunicates may also be closely related to the appendicularians, which include the pelagic oikopleurid tunicates that build mucous houses (2-4).
In contrast, the appendicularians, represented by Oikopleura dioica, retain the larval body form with notochord and dorsal nerve cord into adulthood.
Appendicularians are circumglobal filter-feeding organisms, second in abundance to copepods in marine zooplankton (Gorsky and Fenaux, 1998).
These animals include some radiolarmans and foraminifera, as well as medusae, siphonophores, ctenophores, chaetognaths, pteropods, heteropods, appendicularians, salps, doliolids, and pyrosomes (e.
6% were gelatinous and semi-gelatinous (jellyfish, siphonophores, ctenophores, chaetognaths, salps, appendicularians, polychaetes, nemertins) and the remaining 0.
A great variety of products from animal origin such as discarded exoskeletons from crustaceans, "houses" of appendicularians and excretions in the form of fecal pellets, metabolic by-products from fish or gelatinous material from the reefs themselves also contribute importantly (Vidal 1980, Fenaux 1985).