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Noun1.Appenzeller - a smaller of the four Swiss breeds
Sennenhunde - any of four Swiss breeds
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Bob Appenzeller is CEO of Dayton, OH-based DragoonITCN, having started a small SETA shop in support of DoD programs in 1992.
Appenzeller cheese Appenzeller land, as it is called, stretches from the Alpstein region to Lake Constance and it is here that one of the most popular and strongest cheeses of Switzerland comes from.
17, 2017, when she and another child were approached by Klondike, a 60-pound Appenzeller mountain dog.
True to good Swiss tradition a musical note will be added with the presence of the "Original Appenzeller Streichmusik Alder", one of the most famous Swiss folklore bands promoting Swiss tradition all over the world, and local school choirs will complement this extraordinary and joyful holiday treat with their rendition of popular and well-loved Christmas carols every afternoon.
Marsh looking forward Jason Watson overshadowed his fellow apprentices this year but one of them, Finley Marsh, announced his ambition to follow in his footsteps next year after winning a division of the 1m2f handicap on Appenzeller for his boss Richard Hughes.
APPENZELLER (12.30) is well worth a punt in the trappy opener.
All but four were Protestant missionaries, including James Scarth Gale, Homer Hulbert, Horace Underwood and HG Appenzeller The RASKB was interrupted in times of war, such as the 1904-5 Russo-Japanese War, the 1941-45 Pacific War (World War II) and the 1950-53 Korean War Its current president is Brother Anthony, who came here in 1980 at the invitation of Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan.
LINGFIELD: 1.50 Philba, 2.20 Appenzeller, 2.50 Lashabeeh, 3.20 Branscombe, 3.50 Arctic Sea, 4.20 Waneen, 4.50 Storm Again.
(3.) Bianucci R, Charlier P, Perciaccante A, Lippi D, Appenzeller O.
Dustin Appenzeller, 30, was arrested on felony charges for the physical abuse of a child and for intentionally causing bodily harm, according to ( WITI .
Pots were then placed on little flames in front of us containing a mixture of melted Appenzeller, Grueyere and Tomme de Savoy Cheese known as The Movenpick Bahrain Cheese Fondue with a side of French baguettes and chilled grapes.