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Noun1.Appenzeller - a smaller of the four Swiss breeds
Sennenhunde - any of four Swiss breeds
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Dustin Appenzeller, 30, was arrested on felony charges for the physical abuse of a child and for intentionally causing bodily harm, according to (http://fox6now.
Pots were then placed on little flames in front of us containing a mixture of melted Appenzeller, Grueyere and Tomme de Savoy Cheese known as The Movenpick Bahrain Cheese Fondue with a side of French baguettes and chilled grapes.
In a single day, I had a Beaujolais wine tasting in a medieval cellar at the Chateau de Pierreclos, toured a chevre (goat cheese) farm, and watched a farmer's dog, an Appenzeller Sennenhund named Chinook, dig for truffles, the highly prized fungus called "the diamond of the kitchen.
Appenzeller et al" found that acute psychosis was associated with SLE in 11.
Keith Appenzeller, CEO of King Engineering, added "For forty years, King Engineering has strived to provide clients with the best solutions to their engineering needs.
Appenzeller et al [11] in their study of 524 SLE patients concluded that there is a high prevalence of symptomatic as well as subclinical hypothyroidism and positive thyroid antibodies.
Then, in 1884, Protestant missionaries Horace Allen, Henry Appenzeller and Horace Underwood arrived.
Little Mountain is a washed rind alpine cheese made with raw cow's milk in the appenzeller style.
Appenzeller, in Kosovo war, also reported extremity injuries to be the most common injuries occurring in 54% of all patients.
Haegeli LM, Greutmann M, Wolber T, Appenzeller P, Gaemperli O, Brunckhorst C, et al.
From very large to really very small - the world's smallest Ko-Shamo bantam from Malaysia - the spectacular and understandably noisy event also included the Domestic Waterfowl Club's Western Championship and regional shows for the Ancona Club, Appenzeller Spitzhauben Society, Black Wyandotte Club, Brahma Club, Cochin Club, Minorca Club, Modern Game Club, New Hampshire Red Club, Plymouth Rock Club, Serama Club, the Rare Breed Poultry Society, Turkey Club (UK), Goose Club, Indian Runner Club and the British Call Duck Club.