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(German apənˈtsɛl; ˈapəntsɛl)
1. (Placename) a canton of NE Switzerland, divided in 1597 into the Protestant demicanton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes and the Catholic demicanton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes. Capitals: Herisau and Appenzell, respectively. Pop: 53 200 and Pop: 15 000 (2002 est) respectively. Areas: 243 sq km (94 sq miles) and 171 sq km (66 sq miles) respectively
2. (Placename) a town in NE Switzerland, capital of Appenzell Inner Rhodes demicanton. Pop: 5447 (2000)


(Ger. ˈɑ pənˌtsɛl)

a canton in NE Switzerland, divided into two independent areas.
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? THE Null Stern Hotel, in Teufen, Appenzellerland, Switzerland, and the Concrete Mushrooms in Albania, are former nuclear bunkers transformed into hotels.
Then, in an area where every road seems to wind past a restaurant (more than 600 inns operate in Appenzellerland's 26 villages - an average of 23 each), the Hof Weissbad and the Restaurant Traube present this speciality "kabier" beef on their menus.
Tras estas presentaciones, los asistentes interesados tuvieron oportunidad de acudir a dos excursiones, la primera a Santis, Schwagalp, Appenzellerland (Alpes del Este Suizo) y la segunda a la Biblioteca Abbey en San Gallen.
Appenzellerland is the herbal discovery destination within Switzerland.