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1. Something associated with another, more important thing; an accessory. See Synonyms at attachment.
2. appurtenances Equipment, such as clothing, tools, or instruments, used for a specific purpose or task; gear.
3. Law A right, privilege, or property that is considered incident to the principal property for purposes such as passage of title, conveyance, or inheritance.

[Middle English appurtenaunce, from Anglo-Norman apurtenance, from Vulgar Latin *appertinentia, from Late Latin appertinēns, appertinent-, present participle of appertinēre, to appertain; see appertain.]

ap·pur′te·nant adj.


1. a secondary or less significant thing or part
2. (plural) accessories or equipment
3. (Law) property law a minor right, interest, or privilege which passes when the title to the principal property is transferred
[C14: from Anglo-French apurtenance, from Old French apartenance, from apartenir to appertain]


(əˈpɜr tn əns)

1. something subordinate to another; adjunct.
2. a legal right, privilege, or improvement belonging to and passing with a principal property.
3. appurtenances, apparatus; accessories.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Anglo-French]
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Noun1.appurtenance - equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.appurtenance - equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc.
equipment - an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
fishing gear, fishing rig, fishing tackle, tackle, rig - gear used in fishing
kit, outfit - gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose
regalia - paraphernalia indicative of royalty (or other high office)
rig - gear (including necessary machinery) for a particular enterprise
rigging, tackle - gear consisting of ropes etc. supporting a ship's masts and sails
saddlery, stable gear, tack - gear for a horse
2.appurtenance - a supplementary component that improves capabilityappurtenance - a supplementary component that improves capability
auto accessory - an accessory for an automobile
constituent, element, component - an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system; "spare components for cars"; "a component or constituent element of a system"
computer accessory - an accessory for a computer; "when you add in all the computer accessories you are going to need the computer gets pretty expensive"
fitting - a small and often standardized accessory to a larger system
trimmings, fixings - the accessories that normally accompany (something or some activity); "an elaborate formal dinner with all the fixings"; "he bought a Christmas tree and trimmings to decorate it"


A subordinate element added to another entity:


[əˈpɜːtɪnəns] N (= appendage) → dependencia f; (= accessory) → accesorio m
the house and its appurtenancesla casa con sus dependencias