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a.1.Of or pertaining to Appius.
Appian Way
the great paved highway from ancient Rome trough Capua to Brundisium, now Brindisi, constructed partly by Appius Claudius, about 312 b. c.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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My library is now a wreck so far as Canadian or Acadian items are concerned & the booth is almost closed." (25) Over the next several years, Babb had to content himself with irregular but substantial donations of "extras" or duplicates from Harvard's collection, but also with some rare materials that Morse specifically decided to send to Yale over Harvard, including Appianus of Alexandria's Historia Romana, printed in Venice in 1477, Thomas Jeffery's Conduite des Francois, par Rapport a la Nouvelle Ecosse (London, 1755), and Robert Auckmuty's The Importance of Cape Breton to the British Nation (London, 1745), purchased by Morse from Henry Stevens, Sons & Stiles for $250, and donated to Yale in November 1946.
A letter to Antoninus (9), commends Calpurnius Julianus Appianus (the historian Appian), requesting that 'the Greek' be granted the honour of a procuratorship without the obligation to carry it out, 'for he is old and childless, and needs some consolation!' The emperor must evidently have complied, and Appian was suitably grateful, for in Epistola Graieca 4 (VdH Add.
Chorography, described by Petrus Appianus, geographer and teacher to Charles V, "carefully takes note of all particularities and properties, as small as they may be, that are worth noting in such places, such as ports, towns, villages, river courses, and all similar things, including buildings, houses, towers, walls, and the like.