Apple brandy

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brandy made from apples.

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Then Tom and Bob went to the sideboard where the decanter was, and mixed a glass of bitters and handed it to him, and he held it in his hand and waited till Tom's and Bob's was mixed, and then they bowed and said, "Our duty to you, sir, and madam;" and THEY bowed the least bit in the world and said thank you, and so they drank, all three, and Bob and Tom poured a spoonful of water on the sugar and the mite of whisky or apple brandy in the bottom of their tumblers, and give it to me and Buck, and we drank to the old people too.
In addition to Prohibition-era cocktails, you'll find regional oyster selections and seasonal dishes like rabbit braised in apple brandy.
Also, the distiller just launched an American Apple Brandy aged in Bourbon barrels and sherry casks at 100 proof.
50) with Madison's own Yahara Bay Apple Brandy, one with bourbon, as well as seasonally offerings of blackberry and pear brandies.
And Donal also discovers delicious Longueville House Irish Apple Brandy.
It is also a culinary paradise with truffle hunting, autumn mushrooms, blackberries and Tsipouro, a Greek apple brandy.
INGREDIENTS For the rich sweet shortcrust pastry: 175g plain flour pinch of salt 30g icing sugar 100g unsalted butter, chilled and diced 1 medium free-range egg yolk about 1 tablespoon icy-cold water, to mix For the filling: 800-900g Braeburn or Jazz apples (about 5 or 6 large apples) 125ml single cream 1 medium free-range egg 35g caster sugar or vanilla caster sugar 2 teaspoons Somerset apple brandy or brandy or 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 tablespoons sieved apricot jam or apricot glaze, warmed 1 x 23cm fluted, deep, loose-based flan tin; a baking sheet 1.
The elevated Oktoberfest inspired feast, created by Chef Nick Baca, will include a Gourmet Sausage Plate, sampling “Smoked Duck Sausage” with Apple Brandy, “Weisswurst” (traditional Bavarian Sausage), and “Kasenkleiner” (lightly smoked sausage with swiss cheese), served with kraut, grain mustard, giardinera, and soft buns.
Apple brandy, of which the most famous variety is calvados, is also very popular in this region.
The family has made cider here for three generations; one of the giant oak barrels where the heady, intoxicating apple brandy known as calvados is aged dates from 1792.
We'll also be doing an apple brandy and a Welsh rum.
Several years ago, while attending a Christmas dinner with the family of my then-boyfriend in a rural town in France, I learned about a mid-meal holiday pastime in that country called the "trou normand," or "Norman break," a fiery glassful of Calvados apple brandy meant to literally burn a hole in the mass of food that is already sitting in your stomach to make room for a seventh course.