Apple brandy

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brandy made from apples.

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Then Tom and Bob went to the sideboard where the decanter was, and mixed a glass of bitters and handed it to him, and he held it in his hand and waited till Tom's and Bob's was mixed, and then they bowed and said, "Our duty to you, sir, and madam;" and THEY bowed the least bit in the world and said thank you, and so they drank, all three, and Bob and Tom poured a spoonful of water on the sugar and the mite of whisky or apple brandy in the bottom of their tumblers, and give it to me and Buck, and we drank to the old people too.
Pope stocks brandies from far and wide: French Cognacs and Armagnacs, California brandy and apple brandy from New Jersey, eau de vie from Oregon and Austria, and pisco and singani from South America.
For generations his ancestors used homemade cider to make Calvados, an apple brandy with an alcohol content so high it was requisitioned for use in armaments during World War I.
WASSAIL INGREDIENTS (Serves 6-8) 1ltr strong dry hard cider or scrumpy; 2-4tbsp brown sugar, according to taste; 2-3tbsp apple brandy, or more to taste; 6 cloves; 2 cinnamon sticks; 1 small piece of ginger; a little grated nutmeg, or some small; pieces of nutmeg; orange and lemon METHOD 1.
"Before Prohibition, apple brandy and rum were the most produced and consumed spirits in the U.S.," notes Racht.
Take the Shofar, a Rosh Hashanah-inspired drink made with ingredients like apple brandy, grenadine, honey and baked apple.
In 1893, according to Lisa, there were 366 applejack and apple brandy distillers for the 360,000 residents of New Jersey.
They're starting with three products, an apple brandy, a blueberry-flavored apple brandy and a blueberry pie liquor.
In a new twist, this year's batch was aged in oak apple brandy barrels.