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1. Brandy distilled from hard cider.
2. Hard cider that has been concentrated by repeatedly freezing it and removing the resulting ice crystals.


(Brewing) a brandy made from apples; distilled cider. Also called: applejack brandy or apple brandy


(ˈæp əlˌdʒæk)

a brandy distilled from fermented cider.
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Noun1.applejack - distilled from hard cider
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
hard cider - alcoholic drink from fermented cider; `cider' and `cyder' are European (especially British) usages for the fermented beverage


[ˈæpldʒæk] N (US) → licor m de manzana
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Folks made their own hooch too--corn whiskey, apple jack whatever they had extras of, with varying recipes.
But delve a little deeper and Apple Jack reveals its true genius thanks to its ingenious puzzle elements.
Lee Roy Selmon's pulled-pork sliders, drenched in their signature Kansas-style barbecue sauce and topped with apple jack coleslaw, are perfect in their porky, tender, juicy goodness.
When I was in the liquor industries, I got to know people who are big shots in Denver, like Apple Jack people and Argonaut people and a couple of other big liquor stores," Yaqub said.
A generous cheese plate included stilton and brie, and for dessert my wife tackled a tasty apple jack - a baked apple on a bed of oats, filled with raisins and caramelised sugar.
I went back inside, dried myself off, and tried to get rip-roaring drunk on apple jack.
Calla Lily Lily of the Valley Wild Ginger May Apple Jack in the Pulpit Bloodroot Spring Beauty Dutchman's Breeches Grape Hyacinth Pepper Root Jacob's Bleeding Heart Iris Lupine Primrose Solomon's Seal Toad Trillium Pansy Pussy-Toes Columbine Coralbells Oriental Poppy Shooting Star Lavender Peony Ladder Buttercup Coreopsis Dianthus Dead Nettle Armeria
COUNTRY COCKTAILS Cocktails Apple Jack flavor, retailers
The company's new Apple Jack Ale (see caption above) joins Solstice Weiss as a summer offering from the brewery.
Not only wines but in France brandies, apple jack, cheeses, chickens, carrots, etc.
In 1993, a second retail store opened in Nebraska City, NE, home of the Apple Jack Festival and Arbor Day Celebration.
Then place it in a food processor with whipping cream, sherry or apple jack if desired, a pinch of salt and a little ginger and nutmeg.