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The data, obtained from two-level factorial experimental design, were systematically analyzed by using graphical and statistical methods to explore the combined and individual effects of the temperature, pH and SO2 on ethanol and SCR in apple wine. The operating temperature was found to be the most important main effect according to the Fig.
Below 0.5% it is "sweet cider." Above 7% it is "apple wine."
Cider Hard Cider Apple Wine Apfelwein Apfelmost Ebbe1woi Viez Saurer Most Sidra Cidre Sider Chistr Sagardo Most Chicha de Manzana Pomada Vin Ed Pom Ice Cider Apple Vinegar Seidr Apfelwein Viez Sagardo Hard Cider
government defines "hard cider" as "a beverage made from fermented apples of less than 7% alcohol." Any drink with alcohol greater than 7% but less than 14% is technically a wine (apple wine, in this case), but the term "cider" is now allowed in place of "apple wine." Federal rules regarding taxation of cider/hard cider are based on carbonation levels and alcohol content; therefore, they are an important consideration in product design and price point.
You will not have any trouble finding lively venues in Frankfurt, with its pubs serving the local drink - apple wine - out of distinctive jugs called Bembels.
* Apple Wine: Fermented apple juice, with more than 7 percent ABV.
So I built a press, picked 400# of apples, and voila-40 gallons of apple wine.
No visit to the city would be complete without sampling its favourite popular beverage, the Frankfurt Apfelwein (apple wine).
Its back deck soaks in afternoon sun, and owner Caroline Chouinard doles out recipe suggestions along with tastes of her Alicante Bouschet and Granny Smith Apple Wine. Closed Fri; free; 33853 Palomares Rd., Castro Valley;
Meals in this part of Germany are often washed down with apple wine, a cider-like drink, especially enjoyed by connoisseurs in Frankfurt's many traditional apple wine pubs who like their tipple unadulterated.
Passengers can hop on and off the multi-coloured tram, whether at the zoo or the Ebbelwei district in Sachsenhausen (the old town), home to the atmospheric Apple Wine pubs.
It features a brass band and stalls selling toys, local crafts and warming treats such as hot apple wine.