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1. Brandy distilled from hard cider.
2. Hard cider that has been concentrated by repeatedly freezing it and removing the resulting ice crystals.


(Brewing) a brandy made from apples; distilled cider. Also called: applejack brandy or apple brandy


(ˈæp əlˌdʒæk)

a brandy distilled from fermented cider.
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Noun1.applejack - distilled from hard cider
brandy - distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
hard cider - alcoholic drink from fermented cider; `cider' and `cyder' are European (especially British) usages for the fermented beverage


[ˈæpldʒæk] N (US) → licor m de manzana
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Applejacks on Caffrey Park, West Belfast, was broken into in the early hours of Wednesday with a sum of cash stolen.
THE APPLEJACKS THIS six-piece from Solihull created their very own slice of pop history.
DJ Kenny Everett feverishy championed the band on air, but commercial THE APPLEJACKS THIS six-piece from Solihull created their very own slice of pop history.
The Big Beer Company has applied to open a small bar on the former Applejacks site
I believe them to be The Applejacks, who were the first 'Brumbeat group' to chart in the hit parade with a record called 'Tell Me When'.
So if you feel like recreating Applejacks pastel green or trying a little bit of Pinkie Pie, you'll be in good company.
He booKed many famous 1960s bands including The Troggs, ThinK Lizzy, KinKs, and ApplejacKs etc.
Developed by Russell House Tavern's bar manager Sam Gabrielli, the drinks include the Applejacks Rose, with Applejacks-cereal-infused Applejack, house-made grenadine and lime juice; the Golden Graham Manhattan, with Golden Grahams-cereal-infused Jack Daniels, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino and Angostura bitters; and the Coco Puff Smash: Cocoa Puff-infused Green Charteuse, Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao, lemon wedges and mint.
He had a period, between 1966 and 1970, as lead singer with The Applejacks.
A few years ago, there was at least a choice of two or three pubs - with grimly uninspiring names like Morgan's and Applejacks - which were full of young folk of a weekend.
Read next week's scoop-tastic Sunday People to find out what happened at Applejacks at The Hillgrove Hotel, Monaghan.
The 21-year-old, who looks like butter wouldn't melt, once earned his packet as a raunchy nightclub dancer in Manchester nitespot Applejacks.