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 (ăp′əl-sēd′), Johnny
See John Chapman.
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(ˈæp əlˌsid)

Johnny (John Chapman), 1774–1845, American pioneer and orchardist: prototype for character in folklore.
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The Nursery grows seedlings from famous and historic trees around the country, including a tulip poplar from George Washington's Mount Vernon home, sycamores on the campus of what is now Princeton University planted to celebrate the repeal of the Stamp Act, and the last surviving apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed.
TOKYO Toho's upcoming release "Appleseed" is not the usual Japanese manga comicbook brought to the screen.
Do not overlook Project Appleseed, which as a gunowner you should be supportive of, and as a would-be rifleman, you want to attend to get a much-needed kick-start on that road to becoming a rifleman, a road which leads to that "be all you can be" goal.
If you've been wanting the answer to the question "Why do you guys in Project Appleseed focus on history?" it's because that history takes us back to roots, to root beliefs which the founders intended to be part of our heritage, a heritage which is way down the road to being forgotten.
"They've really blurred the lines between law enforcement and student discipline," said Deborah Fowler, deputy director of Texas Appleseed, a nonprofit advocacy group that filed the complaint along with the Brazos County branch of the NAACP.
The orchard at Sholan Farms, above, reminds us that Leominster was the birthplace of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. Sholan Farms' annual Apple Blossom Festival is planned for 10 a.m.
editor: I really enjoyed the several apple/Johnny Appleseed articles in your Winter 2003 edition.
Yep, ten years to date of Project Appleseed, and we are fast closing on "the 100,000th Appleseeder".
If the answer to that one is "Yes!", then Appleseed is the next place you want to be.
The meeting came a day after a report by the nonprofit Texas Appleseed suggested that the current focus on "exclusionary discipline," including suspension, expulsion and sending youths to juvenile justice programs, is expensive and ineffective.
The winning ticket was drawn at the recent Johnny Appleseed Festival in downtown Leominster.
One of my favorites among the historic trees whose descendents we cultivate at AMERICAN FOREST'S Historic Tree Nursery is one of the last remaining apple trees planted by John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed. The tree itself is on the family farm of Richard and Phyllis Algeo of Nova, Ohio.