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A city of eastern Wisconsin on the Fox River north of Lake Winnebago. It grew in the mid-1800s as a center of paper production.


(Biography) Sir Edward (Victor). 1892–1965, English physicist, noted particularly for his research on the ionosphere: Nobel prize for physics 1947


(ˈæp əl tən)

1. Sir Edward Victor, 1892–1965, British physicist.
2. a city in E Wisconsin. 66,310.
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Noun1.Appleton - English physicist remembered for his studies of the ionosphere (1892-1966)
2.Appleton - a town in eastern Wisconsin
Badger State, WI, Wisconsin - a midwestern state in north central United States
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Notes: attn: karen harkness 100 north appleton streetappleton, wi 54911 at karen.
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