a.1.Capable of being appointed or constituted.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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All lusts and vices are here at home; but here there are also the virtuous; there is much appointable appointed virtue:--
Much appointable virtue with scribe-fingers, and hardy sitting-flesh and waiting-flesh, blessed with small breast-stars, and padded, haunchless daughters.
The moon hath its court, and the court hath its moon-calves: unto all, however, that cometh from the court do the mendicant people pray, and all appointable mendicant virtues.
"I serve, thou servest, we serve"--so prayeth all appointable virtue to the prince: that the merited star may at last stick on the slender breast!
The members of the judiciary department, again, are appointable by the executive department, and removable by the same authority on the address of the two legislative branches.
Her constitution, notwithstanding, makes the executive magistrate appointable by the legislative department; and the members of the judiciary by the executive department.
Her constitution declares, "that the legislative, executive, and judiciary departments shall be separate and distinct; so that neither exercise the powers properly belonging to the other; nor shall any person exercise the powers of more than one of them at the same time, except that the justices of county courts shall be eligible to either House of Assembly." Yet we find not only this express exception, with respect to the members of the irferior courts, but that the chief magistrate, with his executive council, are appointable by the legislature; that two members of the latter are triennially displaced at the pleasure of the legislature; and that all the principal offices, both executive and judiciary, are filled by the same department.
The religious fanatics, ethnic bigots and cleansers, the people who find appointable people to offices in Nigeria from only their relatives and religious fanatics and who when well-known political thieves in the country join their party, they become political saints and non-corrupt people but not otherwise, OR those who if not in their party but stole only a tenth or less of those in the 'corruption' fighting party?
It put enormous power in the hands of civil servants who could effectively block any applicant they did not fancy through vetting panels which offered ministers only the names of those they deemed "appointable".
The 2016 initiative found 94 candidates who were deemed appointable. Of those, 40 doctors were allocated to health boards across Wales and, to date, 24 have taken up their posts.
cannot be impeached but by the house of delegates, and that the members of this house are rendered dependant [sic] upon, and unduly under the influence of the president, by being appointable [sic] to offices of which he has the sole nomination, so that without his favour [sic] and approbation, they cannot obtain them, there is little reason to believe that a majority will ever concur in impeaching the president, lest his conduct be ever so reprehensible, especially too, as the final event of that impeachment will depend upon a different body, and the members of the house of delegates will be certain, should the decision be ultimately in favour [sic] of the president, to become thereby the objects of his displeasure, and to bar to themselves every avenue to the emoluments of government.