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Fetal neonatal hyperthyroidism: diagnostic and therapeutic approachment. Turk Pediatri Ars 2017; 52: 1-9.
Producing SMA's according to the needs of the areas to be used will be the best course of approachment. In order to meet the requirements of the application areas of SMA materials, the alloys must be full-featured and very diverse.
An approachment to group processes in female professional sport.
Iqbal to work out an approachment with Sikandar for the needful.66 Just as Sikandar desired an association with the League, Jinnah needed the assistance of the regional parties in the Muslim majority provinces.
Iran can provide the US with intelligence and information for fighting Al-Qaeda.Ee He said that at first, this approachment can "horrify" the United States' old allies such as Saudi Arabia, but that doesn't matter.
He added that currently the company only makes money from the loading and offloading of ships, while the government makes far more money, collecting $30,000 per ship that passes through the canal, in what is referred to as "approachment fees".
Former EU Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who is leading a new Bulgarian political party, snubbed an approachment call by the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party.
If present virulent anti-American campaign by GoGhana [sic] and controlled press, plus growing approachment with Soviet Bloc, should continue, it would be self-defeating for west to proceed with financing of Volta Dam.
It is, thus, predominantly defined as a grand re- approachment of France and Germany after WWII, culminating in the Elysee accords of 1961.