Approximate quantities

(Math.) those which are nearly, but not, equal.

See also: Approximate

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Approximate quantities, as provided herein, do not constitute an order, but only are provided for the purpose of comparing bid responses to each other to determine the lowest bidder, and for the purpose of determining the impact of purchasing such items and quantities on the Citys annual expense budget.
Some 14-year-olds deftly estimate approximate quantities without counting, whereas others do so with moderate or limited success, a new study finds.
appendix 1 to the call for proposals document (dar) entitled "product lists and quantities" specifies for each lot, the nature of the products and the approximate quantities per site.
Yet by the time they enter kindergarten, a new study finds, kids can solve addition and subtraction problems involving large numbers if they are prompted to consult their intuitive knowledge of approximate quantities rather than to compute precise solutions.
The approximate quantities of food for one year in the position are as follows: shock.
During the performance of the procurement, the quantities of goods may be reduced or increased relative to these approximate quantities, depending on the real needs of the Employer.
the estimated quantity of waste is approximated by approximate quantities, which can be reduced or increased.
Tenders are invited for furnishing of all labor and material for the rehabilitation of an existing/former railroad bridge for pedestrian use, including the following items in the approximate quantities indicated: 480 lf bridge railing; 8 each concrete footings; 2 each concrete approach panels; 1,520 sf bridge deck - treated plywood covered with asphalt surface; 651 sf bridge deck - timber walk.
As an indication, the following approximate quantities will be implemented: Metal structure of length about 71,5 m, width about 18,5 m and height about 8,35 m.
The Contractor shall ensure the ordering agencies receive the listed equipment as specified below and in the approximate quantities as defined.
Contract award notice: The Subject Of Procurement Is The Procurement And Delivery Of Drugs And Disposable Medical Consumables For The Needs Of The Department Of Emergency Medicine, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Based On The Stated Approximate Quantities Purchaser In Accordance With The Bill Of Quantities, Which Forms An Integral Part Of The Tender Documents.
Tenders are invited for Approximate quantities are as follows: 26,832 GAL Bituminous Material for Seal Coat, 9,198 GAL Bituminous Material for Fog Seal, 76,662 SY Bituminous Seal Coat, 1 LS Traffic Control.

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