n.1.One who, or that which, approximates.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The frail form of a Woman, being liable to be shattered by such an approximation, must be preserved by the State; but since Women cannot be distinguished by the sense of sight from Men, the Law ordains universally that neither Man nor Woman shall be approached so closely as to destroy the interval between the approximator and the approximated.
The artificial neural network (ANN) is a fully connected neural network that is used as a universal functions approximator performing the training, and behaving as a classifier of questions.
Since, it has proved that BP algorithm is an excellent universal approximator of non-linear functions.
All of this, coupled with the meager training data amount, suggests the usage of a function approximator that is robust.
This family may be the most accurate approximator among all 1-parametric families, but the general dependence can be more complex than this.
The specific architecture for each neural approximator is shown in Table 3.
According to the universal approximation theorem, one can know that the fuzzy systems do not violate the universal approximator property.
It is mostly used in time series prediction because of its general property of being universal parsimonious approximator [36].
Reinforcement learning is known to be unstable or even to diverge when a nonlinear function approximator such as a neural network is used to represent the action value (also known as Q) function [13].
However, the continuous evaluation of the activation function can be used as an universal function approximator.
Hence, [[??].sup.j.sub.i](y, [[theta].sup.*j.sub.i]) is the ideal approximator of [[rho].sup.j.sub.i](y); that is, [[??].sub.i](y, [[theta].sup.*.sub.i]) is the ideal approximator of [[rho].sub.i](y).