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In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, one of a race of beautiful female supernatural beings that inhabit the sky, dance for the entertainment of other celestial beings, and often attempt to seduce mortal men practicing ascetism.

[Sanskrit apsarāḥ, apsaras- and apsarā : perhaps a-, not, without + *psaras, shame; akin to Avestan fšarəma-, shame (but taken in later Hindu and Buddhist tradition as if from āp, ap-, water + saras, thing that flows, lake, the Apsaras being depicted as delighting in water).]
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Apsara Authority spokesperson Long Kosal told The Post on Monday that the archaeologists are looking to study the pond's structure and foundations, which were built hundreds of years ago.
However, he said he expected the Apsara Authority would monitor the situation to avoid such an issue.
KrisEnergy announced last August that its wholly-owned subsidiary, SJ Production Barge Ltd, has contracted Keppel Shipyard Ltd for the modification and upgrading of its production barge for the Apsara oil development in the Block A concession offshore Cambodia.
The event, held at the Apsara Palace Hotel, was attended by Ministry of Tourism undersecretary of state Hor Saron and Seatca representative Dr Domilyn Villarreiz.
The report also said that Apsara Authority staff had continuously reminded visitors of the code of conduct, such as instructions to wear appropriate attire, to keep their voices down, and the prohibition on giving candies to the animals and touching the sculptures and the wall carvings.
The Apsara Authority is responsible for protecting the Angkor Archaeological Park.
We just want to confirm that Apsara Authority is discussing the proposal.
V-Green has been appointed by Apsara authority to oversee the cleaning operations at the temple complex and other temples across Siem Reap province since 2013.
She said the Apsara Authority land comprises protected zones - the Zone 1 and Zone 2 of Angkor Archaeological Park laid out on 40,000ha of land as well as the 'Cultural and Tourism City'.
For more information, visit his Facebook pages Bora Apsara or Banjureth Art Page.
Sackona and the head of the Apsara Authority led Cambodian delegates participating at the event.