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In Hindu and Buddhist tradition, one of a race of beautiful female supernatural beings that inhabit the sky, dance for the entertainment of other celestial beings, and often attempt to seduce mortal men practicing ascetism.

[Sanskrit apsarāḥ, apsaras- and apsarā : perhaps a-, not, without + *psaras, shame; akin to Avestan fšarəma-, shame (but taken in later Hindu and Buddhist tradition as if from āp, ap-, water + saras, thing that flows, lake, the Apsaras being depicted as delighting in water).]
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Additionally, the Apsara Authority yesterday said there had been 100 cases of inappropriate activities in the park in January, including people flying drones, wearing revealing clothing or making inappropriate gestures in photographs.
I am the first ever transgender national spokesperson in India which is a huge fact," added Apsara.
Not surprisingly, strong differences in strategies between APSARA and provincial authorities emerged.
At Apsara border, toll incharge Vinod Sharma claimed that his team was thoroughly checking the travel documents of all the trucks and were only letting in the vehicles carrying goods for the Capital.
The Beijing office--IM Global's East Asian HQ--services IM Global's existing Asian clients, supports the company's own movies that are distributed in China and supports Apsara.
The Apsara Authority said in a statement that the three tourists have "admitted they really made a mistake by taking nude pictures".
Already Asian Tribune in one of its column has reported that in a meeting at the Navy headquarters, where Sarath Fonseka is being held on close arrest, after jail sentence by the Second General Court Martial on 17 September, Tiran Alles and Anoma Fonseka participated and decided to request Apsara to spearhead demonstrations in USA as well as in other countries demanding for her father's release.
Cruising on the lake, watching the clouds change shape over the massive domed sky as they drifted towards the sea was therapy enough for my battered city soul, but the Apsara also has a fully fledged spa on board, run by Aura.
Vinh Ly of Worcester, chef/general manager of Apsara, brings a healthy mix of light and refreshing flavors to the table.
Apsara runs a dance troupe for women aged mostly in their 40s, named Hoa Sen (Lotus), and even their husbands, after some initial grumbling, now feel proud to see their wives express their emotions and femininity on stage, said Hwang.
Seamus Burns of Lodge Park Stud, breeder of New Approach ch c Galileo - Park Express (Ahonoora), and Tim Richardson, manager of Haras de Fresnay-le-Buffard, where the Niarchos family bred Curtain Call b c Sadler's Wells - Apsara (Darshaan)
The race holds plenty of interest with Johnson introducing Thistle (ex-John Gosden) and George Moore giving Apsara (ex-Henry Cecil) her debut.