n.1.(Zool.) One of the Aptera.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(36) The milestone published here appears to measure the distance from Apteran Kisamos (Fig.
(87) Milestones ought to provide reliable evidence of an official itinerary and should be compared with documentary sources such as the tabula Peutingeriana, which records a route from Kydonia to Lappa via Apteran Kisamos (Fig.
It gives the distance from Apteran Kisamos to Kydonia as Roman miles (11.84 km) and that from Apteran Kisamos to Lappa as 9 Roman miles (13.32 km).
2:9) to Kera, the most likely location of Apteran Kisamos (Fig.
(111) Instead, the principal Roman road followed the coast from Kydonia to Apteran Kisamos, while preexisting branch roads were used to reach the elevated civic center from the west, east, and south.
The presence of the new milestone between Stylos and Mahairoi requires that we trace a route from Lappa to Apteran Kisamos that passes not across the foothills of Hippokoronion but inland from it, through the heart of the modern Apokoronas plain.
We have already suggested that the new Trajanic milestone indicates the number of Roman miles between its findspot and Apteran Kisamos, where the road turned to run west along the north coast of the island to Kydonia and Polyrrhenian Kisamos.
607) places Apteran Kisamos at Polikastron on Souda Bay.
Kydonia to Aptera 80 stades -- (16 km) Kydonia to Apteran Kisamos -- 8 MP (11.84 km) Apteran Kisamos to Lappa -- 9 MP (13.32 km) Kydonia to Lappa -- 17 MP (25.16 km) Segment of Route Pendlebury Miller Kydonia to Aptera 70 stades -- (14 km) Kydonia to Apteran Kisamos 8 MP 12 MP * (11.84 km) (17.76 km) Apteran Kisamos to Lappa 23 MP 15 MP ** (34.04 km) (22.22 km) Kydonia to Lappa 31 MP 27 MP (45.88 km) (39.96 km) Segment of Route Modern Distances Kydonia to Aptera -- Kydonia to Apteran Kisamos 15 MP (22.2 km) (Chania to km) Apteran Kisamos to Lappa 24 MP (35.5 km) (Kera to km) Kydonia to Lappa 39 MP (57.7 km) (Chania to Lappa via Kera) References: Strabo 10.4; Tab.
Latin inscriptions are extremely rare at Aptera, and even those inscriptions that give the Roman names of Apterans regularly use Greek.